In the Beginning

In the beginning there was me. And I didn’t know anything about sailing. I didn’t know much about anything else, either. In the mid-1990s I learned to sail on Long Island Sound and bought my first boat in Annapolis, a Cape Dory 33 named “Galileo.” She was great and we had many adventures aboard up and down the east coast of the US and around the NW Caribbean.

Then there came Ariel. She was even better but thought that sailing on Galileo was, well, a bit like camping. Since I was marrying this girl Galileo had to go. We sailed her together back from Rio Dulce in Guatemala to Florida and put her on the market.

Then there was Tehani-li. She was an inspired Tayana 52 for sale in Malaysia. The first time we went aboard Ariel and I just knew she was the one for us. We got married in 2001, I quit my job in Taiwan and we moved aboard Tehani-li in Malaysia and spent a year there and in Thailand outfitting her.

Then there was the honeymoon cruise. All that follows came from that. I kept a journal and we had the rudiments of a website, now defunct, where I posted our adventures. The “Tehani-li Logs” are those adventures and take us from the beginnings in SE Asia to Barcelona, Spain where we arrived after three years and put the boat on the market.

The rest of this website,, is about our latest boat, an Oyster 53,  Asmara Sky, and our newest adventures aboard her, now with two little sailors, Asmara and Adriana Sky.